Little Athens Gyro - Gyro Menu, Tallahassee Greek Restaurant

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Little Athens Specials

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Little Athens Specials

George’s Roasted Chicken:
Baked Chicken marinated with my own herbs, no fat added. Comes
with basmati rice. Add Greek Salad: $1.95
1/4 Chicken White Meat - $7.45      Dark Meat- 6.95

Philly Gyro Platter - $7.95
Grilled gyro meat with green peppers, onions, tomato’s and tzatziki sauce on top of basmati rice.

Meat Pastisio - $6.95
Layers of macaroni and ground beef with herbs topped with grated
cheese and béchamel. Comes with rice and salad.  Add Greek Salad: $1.95

Lhasa noodles (With chicken or tofu) - $6.95
Specially prepared Tibetan spiced noodles with choice of chicken or
tofu and fresh Veggies served with Lime and sprinkled red cabbage.

Paratha Plate (with Lentil Soup & Chick Peas) - $6.99
Two parathas (delicious, flat/flaky, soft, pan cooked bread) served
with achar and chhole (curry Flavorful Chick peas.)

Lentil Fettah - $4.95
Lentil Soup topped with Pita and covered with rice.


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